Brain Gender and Relationship Coaching

If you follow our blog you may have seen a recent Coach Mentor Podcast episode where the host, Robert Holmes was guest interviewed by Relationship and Celebrity Coach, Patrick Wanis about the neurological differences between men’s and women’s brains. These differences have significant implications for relationships because it affects the way men and women experience life and how they communicate. If you missed that post or the podcast you can check it out here.

Robert’s expertise in brain gender and relationship coaching has featured again this week with his article ‘How Brain Gender Affects Relationship Coaching’ being the lead article in the most recent issue of the International Coaching News (ICN) (article on p.9). With over 24,000 subscribers, ICN is a leading international coaching publication. The July issue’s theme is relationship coaching and is rich in content on a variety of related topics such as personal relationships, business relationships, mentoring, mediation, dealing with difficult people, conflict management, even parenting.

In her introductory message for the July edition, ICN Divisional Head Leeann Naidoo specifically mentioned Robert’s contribution to the magazine saying, ‘I have to mention some great new writers whose work we’ve selected for this edition is quite extraordinary – Robert Holmes, Dr Jelena Goranovic, Alan Wilson, Alex Khrapov, Jevon Dangeli – to mention but a few. They have taken some really interesting perspectives, and have certainly expanded my thinking on various topics… You really have contributed to a fantastic edition and we thank you for sharing your insights with us.’

If you could benefit from some insight into how your other half thinks or why they behave in ways you just don’t understand, then I recommend you have a quick read of Robert’s article or take the time to listen to his in depth podcast interview. It could really make a difference to your most important relationship.