About Your Brain & Self Leadership with Silvia Damiano

Are you ready to lead in the 21st Century? Silvia Damiano from About My Brain talks about performance, collaboration, innovation and agility in thinking based on the four “I”s of integrating, inspiring, imagining and intuiting. Learn about your brain and leadership, how it relates to self, the world and others. How does Google do business? How do creative powerhouse advertising firms keep the ideas coming? Leaders, facilitators and coaches should all become familiar with tomorrow’s leadership.

[divider style=’full’] Episode 56 – Silvia Damiano – About Your Brain

Title: “About Your Brain and Leadership”

Broadcast date: 31st July, 2015

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(39:20 length)

  1. www.aboutmybrain.com
  2. Grant Soosalu & Marvin Oka “mBraining”
  3. Michael Gershon neurogastroenterology. “The Second Brain”
  4. The i4 model in a picture www.frazerholmes.com/resources/podcast/i4-model.png