Archetypes And The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey

Psychologist Carl Jung believed that behind the scene of human life there lay archetypes, “Constantly repeating characters which occur in the dreams of all people and the myths of all cultures”.

Jung suspected that these archetypes are a reflection of the story we all share in common.

Later an author, mythologist and lecturer called Joseph Campbell wrote about that story, calling it “The Journey of a Hero”. It was his opinion that there lay behind every story, one standard story, or legend that carried all the basics, and that story typified each of our lives.

Three Main Parts To The Story

All stories utilise the story ark: the rise and fall of the story. Stories have 3 main parts:
1. The beginning – the departure (4 stages),
2. The middle – the adventure (5 stages), and
3. The end – the return (3 stages).

As a coach I’m fascinated by the concept of an archetypal story.

A Great Coaching Tool


I read Campbell’s work and was captivated by the stunning parallel with life seasons, turning points, critical decision points and the narrative behind it all. So I’ve taken time to develop it into an incredibly useful coaching tool – for anyone who wants to coach themselves or others.

I’d like to make it available to you, absolutely free.

I provide a comprehensive diagram – high res – that explores the heroes journey, an audio – recorded at last month’s master coaching training and a full five page article detailing the 12 steps of the journey.

Get access here: Hero’s Journey resources

By Robert Holmes